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About Concourse

At Concourse we reject convention and compromise and we don’t believe in gimmicks. We don’t want to waste your time or ours with “innovations” that don’t truly improve your ability to enjoy the game and perform in ways that you can feel.  

The products we make are intended to be deceptively simple in concept and design while being meticulously engineered and produced for an exceptional golfing experience.

Everything we do, every product we make serves a simple set of reasons.  So you can play more golf, enjoy the experience with less distraction and perform at your highest potential. It’s a philosophy we call “Conquer the course” and drives everything we do.

We’re excited to be here and are looking forward to being a part of your game.

CBM3 and Bag


Concourse Award Winning


The International Design Award winning Concourse CBM3 buggy is now conveniently paired with a  premium bag to make the ultimate combination.

With a 15-way club divider top and a raft of perfectly sized and positioned pockets, the bag buggy combo features a patented strapless fixture and one-click attach and release.


Setting new standards of convenience, ease of use and on course handling performance, the CBM3 Bag Buggy Combo is also ideally set up to add Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels and take your game to another level.