Bushnell watch not turning on? If you have a Bushnell watch that will not turn on, has lost power or seems to have died, first connect the unit to power to ensure the unit is receiving charge, hold down the power to 15 seconds. The power button may be the bottom right hand button or the singular orange button depending on what model device you have.

Battery and Charging Information

All GPS (handheld and watch) devices are fitted with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is a component of the device circuitry and is hard wired into the motherboard, as a result the batteries within the units are unable to be removed or replaced.

Often power issues are not related to a battery failure.

If the device is not charging or is quickly losing power, try cleaning the charging contacts on the device and on the charging equipment with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, this will remove any possible residue.

If a battery power issue is still present it could possibly be firmware related and we recommend you complete a full sync on the relevant website, please refer to the buttons at the top of this page to find the relevant information for your device.

If the device is still having charging and power related issues please contact our office via the Contact Us page.