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Concourse products are designed to work seamlessly with all your favorite golf brands and, of course with the Concourse award-winning line of buggies, bags, Smart Wheel technology and beyond to help you play more golf, get the most enjoyment out of the game and perform to your highest potential.

Product Repair Information


Every set of Concourse Smart Wheels comes packaged in a box that is specifically made so the product can be returned to Concourse if you encounter any issues.

Inside of each box you will also find the Concourse product repair form.

If you are experiencing issues with your Smart Wheels simply package them in their original box and follow the instructions on the included Product Repair Form.

If you no longer have your original box and the paperwork simply package the wheels in a suitable sized box, download the below Product Repair Form and follow the instructions.

Product Repair Form

Click on the PDF to download the Concourse Product Repair Form

If you are experiencing issues with your Smart Wheels or any other Concourse product please contact us or alternatively contact Concourse on 1300 650 059